About Me

Welcome to my blog!  If you're like me, the first page of a blog that you visit is the "about" section.  Although I've read hundreds of these "about me" sections, I have no idea what to say for my own!  Here are the basics:

I'm happily married to a (nearly) perfect man, and we have one "child": our golden retriever, Sam.  I was born and raised in California, but we just moved to Dallas for my husband's job.  While it's hard being away from home (all of my family lives in California, including my precious niece and nephew), we're excited for this new adventure.
My boys

I always knew I loved cooking (and cookbooks) but it didn't become apparent until we packed up our house in Sacramento.  After filling over 3 boxes with cookbooks, I realized I had a bit of an obsession.  Yes, I do in fact have 71 of them--plus 2 binders full of recipes I've printed off of the internet!  I figure that if I went to the trouble of hauling them across the country, I may as well put them to use.

This blog is simply my journey through the cookbooks on my bookshelf.  I hope there will be many nights of "mmm, this is amazing!" where I can't wait to share my culinary successes with you.  I anticipate there will be nights of disappointment, where the finished product just didn't turn out the way I hoped.  Regardless of the outcome, I hope you'll join me as I tackle these cookbooks, one recipe at a time.

I'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to e-mail me at lindseyandnate at gmail.com.