Monday, January 3, 2011

Craving Ellie in my Belly: White Chili

Christmas. Family. Food. California.  These are all things I love, and have been able to enjoy for the past 8 days. The husband and I enjoyed a wonderful week in California.  Playing with the niece and nephew, gorgeous Lake Tahoe, and catching up with friends and family were just what we needed after 5 lonely months in Texas. 

The family before Christmas Eve service

** I'm in my PJs for the next 2 pictures.  I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I put them on Christmas Eve (we get a new pair every year!) and didn't take them off until we went skiing on the 26th.**
Helping Braden build his first Lego truck (note his bed hair--so cute!)

Playing in the snow with Hailey--yes, my jammies are under my fleece

 However, vacation is over and we're now back to reality. Sigh.

I'd planned to try out Ellie Krieger's "White Turkey Chili" while I visiting my family, but we had so many leftovers that we never got around to it.  Now that I'm home and the husband and I need to get back to our healthy eating, this was the perfect recipe for the first dinner back "home."  Thanks to Leslie of Lethally Delicious for picking this recipe--it forced me to try it out--and learn that hominy is something I should embrace, not fear. :)
While this recipe wasn't quick, it was certainly easy!

I forgot to get cilantro (oops) and I don't like greek yogurt (a sin in the foodie world, I know)--so we just ate our chili plain.  The husband topped his with some extra sharp cheddar--it was good, but unnecessary.

I was pleasantly surprised by this recipe.  I have a 50/50 chance with Ellie's food--sometimes I really like it, and other times it's bland.  I used heaping spoons when measuring out the spices (and added an extra poblano) but otherwise followed the recipe perfectly.

Will I make it again?  Absolutely.  Serve it up with Cooking Light's cornmeal biscuits and you have an enjoyable dinner!